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What is Fengyang TCM?

Fengyang Chinese Medicine is a complete system of holistic healing. It is comprised of many parts which all work together as equal parts of a whole; none of them are separate from the another. All of these have been handed down practitioner to practitioner for more than 1,750 years — all the way back to Dong Feng himself in 220 AD. The ancient methods are still practiced today. All parts of the Fengyang TCM system have long since been refined down to a science, and perfected. Learn More

Who is Dr. Ming Wu?

Ming Wu, Ph.D is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and a 20th generation practitioner of Fengyeng Taoist Chinese Medicine – the only one teaching in the United States. He is also a Master Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner. Learn More.

How do you get in contact with Dr. Wu?

The best way to get in touch with Dr Wu & Wu Healing Center is to call or text 978-790-8888.

Does Dr. Wu travel to see patients?

Dr. Wu does not travel to see patients, but his associates and fellow practitioners may travel. See a list of fellow practitioners here

I don't live close to Connecticut or Massachusetts, can I still be a patient? 

Yes! We offer both long distance consultation. You can have a Fengyang TCM certified practitioner personally design an effective herbal supplementation plan just for you.            Learn More. 


Do you have any testimonials from other patients?

If you are suffering from any kind of disease or condition, our practitioners will be able to help you.  You can visit our testimonials page to see real stories of the kind of healings some of our patients have experienced in the past.

Can Tong Ren treat my problems?

No treatment can guarantee 100% cure rate. Many patients believed what Western medicine told them, that their diseases are incurable, and that they need to take medicine for life. A lot of Western medicines, if taken for a long peroid of time, have the detrimental effects of liver and kidney damage, and general functional decline of the whole body. Tong Ren Healing can stimulate the body's ability to heal itself, with no side effects. It also requires patient’s trust and confidence. In my first consultation with a patient, I always ask him/her this question, "Do you want to get better?" Attitude determines everything, and one needs to know “Who Am I“. I suggest that you join our free Tong Ren Healing class on our Facebook page every Monday 7-8pm for 10 weeks (, and determine for yourself whether it is the right treatment for you.